What We Strive For

What we should say is: “Make your event the best it can be” or something like that but we all know that our main objective should be to keep your stress levels as low as possible! Organising an event of any kind can be a challenging experience but fortunately, we have some experience with this.

Getting It Right

A great venue, excellent facilities and a top-class food & beverage service are what you need to get started. Then we choose the room that best fits the requirements of your event, build a bespoke package to your budget and specifications, and throw some happy event angels in the mix and ‘Voila’ we have ourselves a function.

Attention To Detail

Too many functions, parties and conferences are marred by little things going wrong, not the sort of things that will ruin the experience but they will stop your event from being ‘amazing’. We have an almost obsessive attitude towards making sure every detail is covered.

Help Where We Can

We can help with as much or as little as you like to make your event a success. We also run an event management company so we have all the equipment needed to dress and decorate the venue. We can supply anything from Starlight Backdrops to a Candy Cart and you can also talk to us about bands, discos, photo booths and casino tables!

Have any questions? Get in contact here and we will be happy to answer them!